Arthritis Awareness Month Promotes Walking for Wellness

May 4th, 2011 | By | Category: Health

Each May the Arthritis Foundation promotes Arthritis Awareness Month to promote public awareness of arthritis and raise funds to fight arthritis. A highlight of the month is the Arthritis Walk, a benefit walk to raise funds and to raise public awareness that walking can help fight arthritis.

H82 Arthritis Walk Arthritis Awareness Month Promotes Walking for WellnessParticipants in the Arthritis Walk can recruit family, friends, and coworkers to form teams. Teams work together to motivate each other to walk and to raise funds.

Arthritis Walk teams form part of a larger team through alliance with the Arthritis Foundation’s Let’s Move Together program. Let’s Move Together promotes health and empowerment through everyday movement.

In addition to the Arthritis Walk, other Arthritis Awareness Month activities include:

  • Giving Hope Through Heroes donations in honor of parents to promote arthritis research and services
  • Reading Arthritis Today and other publications that provide information about arthritis
  • Joining in Let’s Talk RA Town Hall Meetings to facilitate patient-physician communication between local rheumatologists and the general public
  • Participating in regular walking and other activities to counter arthritis

The Arthritis Awareness Month and the Arthritis Walk are organized by the Arthritis Foundation, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting more than 100 types of arthritis and related conditions. The Arthritis Foundation has funded more than $380 million in arthritis research since 1948. The Foundation promotes public health education, legislation, and programs to improve the quality of life for those living with arthritis.

For more information, visit the Arthritis Foundation’s Arthritis Awareness Month page at

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