Chinese Video Site Youku Launches Miss Puff Online Series

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The leading Chinese Internet television site Youku announced last week that it will launch the animated web serial Miss Puff this month. The series will continue the popular animated short Miss Puff’s Goldfish Bowl that premiered last November and has been viewed more than five million times and linked in two million tweets. The trailer for the new series was viewed more than 220,000 times during its first week.

M23 Youku 300x157 Chinese Video Site Youku Launches Miss Puff Online SeriesMiss Puff uses a blend of animated characters and live-action backgrounds to explore the everyday social life of its title character, a young Beijing freelancer who resembles Chinese singer Faye Wong and French actress Audrey Tautou. The series is conceived as a Chinese version of Sex and the City. Youku plans to release 104 seven-minute episodes over eight seasons.

Miss Puff is created by independent animator Pi San (“Skin 3″). The series is produced by Youku Original, Youku’s in-house content production department.

Youku, which stands for “what’s best and what’s cool” in Chinese, is the Chinese equivalent of YouTube. It ranks as the most popular video site in China, ahead of number two site Tudou. Recently the company has been trying to crack down on video piracy and attract legitimate investors. Releasing original content like Miss Puff is part of this strategy. Previously Youku released China’s first web serial, Hip-Hop Office Quartet, which passed 100 million views after three seasons last August.

The original Miss Puff’s Goldfish Bowl was one of the films in Youku’s 11 Degrees New Media Film Project, a partnership between Youku, Chevrolet Cruze, and the China Film Group. The new series is intended to provide product placement opportunities for advertisers like GM and Lenovo.

Youku’s American depositary shares are traded on NYSE under the symbol “YOKU”.

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