Dog Rescue Group Finds Canadian Homes for Abandoned Pets

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Radar was starving to death.

He just couldn’t compete for food. He had lost so much weight his ribs were showing. He was getting sick.

L59 Radar2 Dog Rescue Group Finds Canadian Homes for Abandoned PetsThis beautiful two-and-a-half-year-old Jackhuahua was living in a crowded California shelter, sharing quarters with several other dogs. Humble by nature, Radar rarely got a chance to eat as his mates pushed him away, leaving only empty food bowls.

Happily, Radar was rescued and carried far away to Canada, where A Better Life Dog Rescue ( took him in and found him a wonderful family to love and care for him. With some tender loving care, Radar has put on weight and is enjoying his new home and friends.

Radar isn’t alone. Thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned to shelters, enduring overcrowding and worse. Most do not find loving homes. Most are put to sleep.

According to the California Department of Public Health, there were 378,445 dogs and cats euthanized in public shelters in 2004, and in 2008, the number was 432,512. Los Angeles alone euthanizes up to 3,000 animals a month.

A devoted group of dog lovers in California have made it their mission to rescue as many dogs as they can and transport them 1400 miles north to Canada, where the Canadian rescue groups find homes for these special animals. In November, the group took a trip north, bringing 47 dogs who braved the 21-hour trip without a whimper. Volunteers Diane and Tom and others donate their time to find a safe haven, sometimes making the trip on a moment’s notice. They made a last-minute trip in December, right before Christmas.

Diane writes of one heartwarming story:

“Remember Sadie, the dog we postponed the last transport for, and who was also labeled as aggressive? Sadie seemed like a wonderful dog during transport and the Canadians really wanted her despite her reputation. We now know why Sadie was needed. A 10 year old boy lost his leg in a farm accident and shortly after, his dog died. The child refused to go to school or be fitted for a prosthesis. Sadie looked just like his dog. Boy and dog have been united and it has been wonderful for both. The little boy is in school with a prosthesis and the dog has found a loving home.”

If you are looking for a dog to complete your family, A Better Life Dog Rescues asks you to please consider contacting a rescue foundation in your area or visiting a local shelter. They remind you to please make sure your dogs and cats are spayed and neutered. Their goal is to ensure that fewer dogs and cats find their way to the shelter, avoiding a fate of probable euthanasia.

Finally Home from Mr.Mobals on Vimeo.

Canadian dog rescue groups have a large demand for dogs to adopt while in Los Angeles, hundreds of dogs are eunthanized each month. It seemed like a wonderful opportunity to save these voiceless, loving animals. Here is the story of 54 dogs who took the trip to Canada and a new life.

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