Employee Health & Fitness Month Promotes Health at Work

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May is Employee Health & Fitness Month (EHFM), when employers are invited to encourage employee participation in activities that promote health in the workplace. EHFM offers companies an opportunity to improve corporate health by organizing healthy daily activities, group activities, and company activities.

H83 EHFM Employee Health & Fitness Month Promotes Health at WorkEFHM encourages employers and employees to participate in:

  • Daily Healthy Moments: occasions of healthy eating or physical activity such as cooking a healthy meal, going for a walk, participating in an exercise class, or going to the doctor
  • Periodic Healthy Group activities: group activities that can extend beyond the month, such as healthy lunch groups, healthy recipe groups, walking or jogging groups, or sports teams
  • An end-of-the month Culminating Project: a healthy activity involving the whole company or community, such as a company or family fitness event

Participating employers receive a free toolkit guide for coordinators, promotional items to advertise events, and access to an area of the EHFM website where they can log healthy activities throughout the month. Employers and employees can track, share, and promote individual and group activities, and even engage in friendly challenges and competitions.

Employee Health & Fitness Month was created in 1989 by two non-profit organizations, the National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF) and ACTIVE Life. The National Association for Health and Fitness is the networking body for State and Governor’s Councils on health and fitness. ACTIVE Life is a nonprofit organization with a mission to make healthy the norm by enlisting and equipping people and places to build and sustain healthy communities.

Employee Health & Fitness Month was National Employee Health & Fitness Day from 1989 to 2010. This year the event’s sponsors decided that in order to extend the day’s activities into lifelong health habits, National Employee Health & Fitness Day would be expanded into a month-long sustained initiative.

For more information visit http://physicalfitness.org/nehf.html or contact:

Brenda Loube
Principal/Founder, Corporate Fitness Works

Diane H. Hart
Hart to Heart Fitness
President and Eastern Regional Director, NAHF

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