Escaped Bronx Cobra Tweets Way to Fame, Demands More Mice

Mar 31st, 2011 | By | Category: Marketing

An Egyptian cobra that has been missing from the Bronx Zoo World of Reptiles since Friday has used its newfound freedom to tweet its way to over 150,000 followers so far on Twitter, becoming an overnight marketing sensation. Entrepreneurs have already started up lines of clothing and drinking mugs devoted to the celebrity serpent, and the Bronx Zoo is actually enjoying the publicity.

Even though the Zoo has been forced to close the World of Reptiles until the venomous snake is recaptured, the buzz is bringing in visitors anyway. Most are keeping a safe distance from the reptile house. But some are hanging around anyway just to see if they can witness the cobra being caught.

M21a Egyptian cobra Escaped Bronx Cobra Tweets Way to Fame, Demands More MiceZoo officials believe the cobra is hiding in an isolated, confined space where it feels safe, hopefully safely away from the public. They are hoping to catch it when it gets hungry enough to come out for food. They are trying to lure it out with heat and mice.

But it will prove difficult to capture a creature crafty enough to master Twitter in a weekend. Following its escape Friday, the snake had created an account by Monday and gained 30,000 followers by midday Tuesday, a number that had multiplied hydra-like to over 150,000 by Wednesday. Clearly, the cobra has been working below its pay scale. The snake is believed to be holding out until the zoo agrees to give it royalties in marketing revenue, to be paid in mice. And also apparently coffee.

“Getting my morning coffee at the Mudtruck. Don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee,” the snake warned its Twitter following. “Seriously, don’t. I’m venomous.”

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    Does he have a name?

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