Google to Launch +1 Button Resembling Facebook’s Like Button

Apr 2nd, 2011 | By | Category: Marketing

On April 30 Google will launch the +1 Button to enable Google users to identify sites they approve or recommend, Google announced Wednesday. The button will be the Google equivalent of Facebook’s Like button, and represents an extension of Google’s presence in the social site market.

M22 Plus1 button 300x168 Google to Launch +1 Button Resembling Facebooks Like ButtonGoogle says a +1 Button vote is shorthand for telling others “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” Use of the button requires a Google account and profile. Users with a Google profile get a +1′s tab displaying their +1 Button votes. Their friends and other web surfers can then see what sites they awarded a +1 Button to. Likewise, users signed into their Google account can see what their friends and others gave a +1 Button to. +1 Button results will display on the side of Google organic search and paid ad results, presumably affecting search engine rankings.

A video demonstration of the +1 Button is posted on YouTube.

Google’s +1 Button is similar to Facebook’s Like button, which enables Facebook users to share recommendations with others. A difference will be that the +1 Button will integrate with Google’s other services. This reflects Google’s efforts to improve its penetration of the social site market, currently dominated by Facebook. The move also comes on the heels of rival search engine Bing introducing a Facebook Like integration in late February.

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