King James Bible 400th Anniversary Gets Shakespearian Reading

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All through Holy Week, Shakespearian actors at the Globe Theater are performing a marathon reading to mark the King James Bible 400th Anniversary (King James Version, or KJV) celebration. The reading began Tuesday and will continue through Easter Monday on April 25.

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Shakespeare's Globe. Photo by Jongleur100

The genesis of the KJV began in 1604, when King James I authorized a committee to create an official translation of the Bible for the Church of England, in response to Puritan challenges to Anglican authority. The project was completed in 1611, and for the next two centuries the KJV remained the standard Bible among English speakers. Since then modern English translations have gained popularity, and the KJV has been revised. But the original KJV remains popular among English-speaking Protestants, and important in the history of literature.

The KJV reflects the language of the time of William Shakespeare, whose playing company built the original Globe Theater in 1599. The original theater burned down in 1613. The current Globe Theater, called Shakespeare’s Globe, is an authentic reconstruction of the original theater built 750 feet away from the original site.

A team of Globe actors bring highlights of the KJV to life this week. A series of twelve performances dramatize such Biblical events as the birth of the nation of Israel, the rise and fall of the House of David, the tragedy and triumph of Job, the four Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life and Passion, the ministries of Peter and Paul, and John’s vision of the Apocalypse.

Free tea and coffee are served with performances.

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