McDonald’s Offers Young Justice Happy Meal Toys

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This month McDonald’s began offering Young Justice Happy Meal toys, featuring superhero action figures like Superboy, Robin, and Kid Flash. The promotion began March 11 and currently offers eight toys.

M19 YoungJustice McDonalds Offers Young Justice Happy Meal ToysYoung Justice is a Cartoon Network adaptation of the DC Comics superhero teams Young Justice and the Teen Titans, composed of younger counterparts to the adult Justice League. The Teen Titans, conceived in 1964 to provide characters for younger readers to identify with, originally featured Batman’s sidekick Robin, Flash’s sidekick Kid Flash, and Aquaman’s sidekick Aqualad. The team was soon joined by Wonder Woman’s sister Wonder Girl and adapted into cartoon form. Later incarnations of the team added new characters and a more sophisticated tone aimed at older readers, resulting in the Teen Titans being renamed simply the Titans and Young Justice being introduced as a separate team. Reflecting this older orientation, the current Young Justice lineup includes moodier versions of Superboy and Speedy, a more independent Aqualad, and more female characters, such as Artemis and Miss Martian.

Featured toys are Superman, Superboy, Batman, Robin, Aqualad, Black Manta, Kid Flash, and Captain Cold. The toys come with action features and accessories. Superman flies if you push a button his back. Superboy’s arm raises and his chest lights up. Batman’s wings open if you press his chest insignia. Robin comes with a motorcycle with a launchable battering ram. Aqualad’s hand lights up green. Black Manta’s eyes light up red. Kid Flash comes with a platform that can rocket him forward. Captain Cold carries a freeze cannon that can shoot an ice projectile.

Happy Meals come in Hamburger, Cheeseburger, and Chicken McNugget packages, each with a choice of soft drink, low fat milk, or apple juice, and a small World Famous Fries or Apple Dippers.

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