Microsoft Launches Photosynth iOS App for Sharing 3D Photos

Apr 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Technology and Science

Today Microsoft released an iOS app for its Photosynth software, which allows users to create 3d images of objects by combining regular 2d photographs of the object shot from different angles. The new Photosynth iOS app allows users to create Photosynth images out of photos taken on an iPhone or other iOS device. Users can then view and share the images directly from their mobile device, without the need for a computer.

Photosynth technology works through a two-step process. The process uses a technique extrapolated from a patented algorithm originally designed to simulate vision in computers, and used in such fields as robotics, image recognition, and 3d modeling. Microsoft has developed its own version of the process for use with its software.

In the first stage of the process, the software analyzes regular 2d photos to detect geometric landmarks and map these point-by-point onto a 3d-grid system. This creates what is called a point cloud.

In the second stage, once the point cloud has been mapped out, the results are displayed on a screen. Human users can then view the 3d image and navigate through it. Users can walk or fly through a scene to see a photo from any angle, zoom in and out, see where pictures were taken in relation to each other, change angles between photos, and find photos similar to the one being viewed.

3d images can be posted to, Facebook, or Bing Maps. On Bing Maps, other users searching for a location can see 3d views created by other users. Images can be shared by sending pictures or by linking to

The Photosynth iOS app is currently available for devices running on iOS 4.1 or higher. It will be released next for the Windows Phone 7 platform.

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