Nokia Alliance with Microsoft Announcement Rumored Friday

Feb 9th, 2011 | By | Category: Business and Finance

Inside sources have revealed that new Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop is hoping to announce a Nokia alliance with Microsoft during a talk with investors Friday, if a deal can be reached in time.

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by luca.sartoni

The revelation followed the technology news blog Engadget leaking a dramatic internal memo to Nokia employees. In the memo Elop reportedly admitted that Nokia had fallen years behind Apple and Google in the mobile phone market. The memo compared Nokia’s urgent catch-up need to a man standing on a “burning platform” and trying to decide whether to jump into icy waters. Multiple sources have confirmed the authenticity of the leaked memo and the Microsoft alliance discussions.

If the alliance emerges, analysts expect Nokia to switch from its Symbian operating system to the Windows Phone operating system.

Sources say Nokia has also conducted discussions with Google about using its Android mobile operating system, but a partnership there is unlikely.

Analysts also expect a Nokia personnel shake-up to be announced Friday. Nokia has launched an intensive software and marketing talent search.

Nokia’s market share has dipped almost 10% over the past couple years, and Symbian has fallen behind Android, though Nokia remains ahead of its competitors in the overall market.

Elop comes to Nokia from Microsoft, where he headed the Business Division and was responsible for the Microsoft Office line of products.

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