Russell Brand Tops Box Office Twice with Hop, Arthur

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British comedian Russell Brand topped the box office twice Friday, maintaining the #1 spot with the holdover CGI comedy Hop and taking #2 with the premiere of the comedy remake Arthur. Hop claimed an estimated $5.5 million Friday, while Arthur netted $4.5 million. Trailing behind were the action thriller Hanna, which took in $4.2 million; the fantasy comedy Your Highness, which earned $3.8 million; the shark attack survivor biopic Soul Surfer, which pulled in $3.7 million; and the horror holdover Insidious, which added $3.2 million to its running total.

E78 Arthur Russell Brand Tops Box Office Twice with Hop, ArthurArthur is a remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli comedy, memorable for its chart-topping Christopher Cross score “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do).” The title character, Arthur Bach, is a playboy heir set to inherit a fortune if he submits to his mother’s arranged marriage plans. But his mother’s plans are frustrated when he falls in love with a working class girl and his family does not approve. Unsure what to do, he seeks his nanny’s guidance in making a decision.

Brand plays Arthur Bach. His mother is played by British actress Geraldine James. His arranged fiancee is played by Alias star Jennifer Garner. His love interest is played by independent film director and actress Greta Gerwig. His nanny is played by Best Actress winner Helen Mirren.

Arthur is based on a story written by Steve Gordon, who wrote and directed the original film and died a year later in 1982. The screenplay for the remake is written by Borat writer Peter Baynham and Princess and the Frog contributor Jared Stern.

Arthur is produced by Brand, Benderspink founders Chris Bender and J.C. Spink, Sherlock Holmes executive producer Michael Tadross, Good Morning, Vietnam producer Larry Brezner, and Saturday Night Fever executive producer Kevin McCormick.

Modern Family director Jason Winer directs the film.

Arthur is distributed by Warner Brothers.

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