Smallville Series Finale Says Farewell After 10 Seasons

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Smallville ended Friday after 10 seasons in a two-hour series finale, as Clark Kent made the final transition from Superboy to Superman. Lois and Clark decided the future of their relationship, Michael Rosenbaum returned for a final appearance as Luthor, and Clark finally put on the cape and took to the skies to face the menace of Apokolips and claim his identity and destiny.

E91 Smallville Smallville Series Finale Says Farewell After 10 SeasonsThe first half of the show focused on resolving Lois and Clark’s romantic subplot, set against the wider backdrop of Darkseid’s plot to bring Apokolips to Earth. As Lois struggles with cold feet, Darkseid’s agents possess Green Arrow and use him to slip Clark a surprise wedding gift, in the form of a gold kryptonite ring that removes his powers. The couple’s wedding plans are rudely interrupted by bigger events that threaten the whole world, setting the pattern that will define the status quo of their relationship.

After resolving Lois and Clark’s wedding crashing crisis, the second half of the show turns towards dealing with Darkseid and the Luthors and Clark’s larger destiny. Darkseid possesses Lionel Luthor for a final showdown with Kal-El, and Lex Luthor confronts Tess for the last time. Ultimately, in order to confront Darkseid’s threat, Clark must confront his own father Jor-El, and declare his decision to embrace his independence and carve his own legacy. In this moment of decision, Clark finally puts Smallville behind him, and Superman is born, streaking to the sky in his full uniform to display his full power to the world for the first time.

The final scene flashes forward to 2018. A TV clip announces Luthor’s election as President, tying the plot into the continuity established in other versions of the storyline. Lois and Clark are still carrying on their office romance, which is once again interrupted by a cry for help and the call of duty. Clark takes to the room, snapping his glasses off and revealing the “S” that fills the screen as the show’s final emblem. The closing music shifts to John Williams’ theme song from the classic Christopher Reeve Superman movie, underscoring the final merging of Smallville with the history of the character, who turned 73 this month.

Where will the show’s legacy go from here? While fan expectations of a TV spinoff remain unconfirmed, Warner Brothers executives recently confirmed that a Justice League movie is planned for 2013, following the 2012 release of Superman: Man of Steel. On this note, Smallville executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders posted a farewell message to fans hinting that although Smallville has ended, the story may not be quite over:

To the Greatest Fans We Could Have Wished for. . .We won’t say ‘goodbye,’ we’ll say ’til next time’. . .

The first nine seasons of Smallville are currently available on DVD. Smallville: The Final Season will be released this fall, and is currently available through pre-order from Amazon at a 30% discount for $41.99. Smallville: The Complete Series is available on preorder for $224.99, a 34% discount off the regular price of $339.88.

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