Smithsonian Invites Input on The Art of Video Games Exhibit

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The Smithosian American Art Museum has asked the public to vote on which games should be included in its The Art of Video Games exhibit, which will open March 16, 2012. Voting is open online from February 14 through April 7, 2011.

E39a Space Invaders Smithsonian Invites Input on The Art of Video Games Exhibit

Courtesy of Billy Hicks

The new exhibit will cover four decades of video game design development. It will focus on games that pioneered striking visual effects and the creative use of new technologies. It will be the first exhibit of its kind.

The curator of the exhibition is Chris Melissinos, founder of the retro gaming site Past Pixels and collector of video games and gaming systems. Melissinos began programming at the age of 9 on a Commodore VIC-20, an 8-bit home computer released in 1980. He went on to work at Sun Microsystems, where he served as chief gaming officer. He is currently vice president of corporate marketing at Verisign.

Melissinos and his team have assembled a list of 240 games that represent the highlights in the history of video games. Games are divided into categories by era, game type, and platform.

Voters are invited to select from the list. 80 games will win. The exhibition will display winning games as screen shots and short video clips.

The only requirement to vote is a valid email address. The exhibition’s voting website includes an online forum where gamers can campaign for their favorite games and discuss the selections.

Results will be available online in May.

To vote online, visit

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