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About the Publisher
Marian Hartsough, publisher of Archive News, is a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry with experience in book and newspaper publishing. She currently provides backup support to the staff of the Dixon Tribune, assisting with editing and layout on the Agriculture, Business, Classified, Entertainment, Religion, and Sports pages. She has decades of experience providing professional editing and book design services to a long list of prestigious clients that includes Random House, Prima Publishing, McGraw-Hill, Thomson Learning, Addison-Wesley, Course Technology, and Michigan University Press. She runs a print-on-demand publishing service that provides independent authors with editorial, book design, and publicity support comparable to major publishers, but distinguished by custom-designed individual attention and customer service. She supervises a full book production team of writers, editors, illustrators, cover designers, proofreaders, and publicists. She and her team have produced over 500 books.

About Our Writing Team
Roy Rasmussen, head writer and chief editor for Archive News, is a freelance writing and marketing consultant with two decades of experience writing articles and books. He is experienced in journalistic writing, how-to writing, academic writing, technical writing, copywriting, editing, and proofreading. He is also trained in illustration, animation, video production, marketing, and publicity. Over the past 20 years his clients have included banks, tax advisors, accountants, insurance companies, real estate agents, power companies, martial artists, sports injury therapists, herbalists, comic book historians, software designers, children’s authors, educators, graphic designers, and publicists. He and Marian are coauthors of Publishing for Publicity: How to Promote Your Business with a Book.

Archive News is a news organization brought to you by Marian Hartsough Associates, a publishing service company, doing business since 1980.