Super Bowl XLV or Puppy Bowl VII

Feb 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Lifestyle

For those not planning on watching today’s Super Bowl, there is an alternative: the Puppy Bowl.

The 7th Annual Puppy Bowl airs today, February 6, 2011, on Animal Planet at 3 pm ET.

The puppies teams are made up of shelter puppies from around the country. They are all available for adoption. Most have already found homes.

The lineup includes Amy, a Golden Retriever/Corgi Mix; Booda, a Pug mix; Calvin, Border Terrier Mix; Koda, a Siberian Husky; Molly, a Boxer mix; Pauly, a Smooth Fox Terrier; and Shang, a Shih Tzu; along with a couple dozen more.

Puppy Bowl referee, Andrew Schechter, calls puppy penalties as well as touchdowns. The 19 foot field is littered with play toys. Take the toy into the end zone, and Andrew calls a touchdown. His favorite penalties are “Unnecessary Ruff, Ruff, Ruff-ness,” “Unpuppylike conduct,” and “Illegal Use of the Paws.”

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