Video Game and Tech Additions Come with High Costs

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Video Game Addiction is A Real Issue for Children, Teens and Adults

Did you know that within the next 3 years the costs to the global economy will be in the billions of dollars? Lost production, increased medical costs & unmeasurable costs on families & relationships all related to video game and tech addictions?

TN30 videoaddiction Video Game and Tech Additions Come with High CostsThere are different levels of addiction and all types of people can be affected. Some video game addicts only binge and others are full blown addicts. No matter the case it is still a serious problem no matter the level of addiction.

Some experts say it is hard to show statistics in video game addiction. As of 2007 the American Psychological Association (APA) had not defined video game addiction as a mental health disorders. Although, it is said that video game addiction has been purposed to the APA for inclusion in their next published edition of DSM.

In 2007 stats in a Harris Poll reported on youths addicted to video games. The poll showed 8.5% of youths (between the ages of 8 – 18) in the US could be classified as video game addicts. While another 23% of youths would say that they are addicted to video games.

These stats are merely a rough estimate. Until the APA has defined what video game addiction is exactly no one can say what constitutes video game addiction.

Stanford University School of Medicine in 2008 held a study that concluded that video games do show to have addictive characteristics. Allan Reiss MD and colleagues published their study in 2008.

Reiss says that males are two to three times more likely than females to become addicted to video games. The study showed that the part of the brain that creates rewarding feelings is more active in men than in women during game play. This may help to unlock some of the mystery behind game addiction and binge gaming.

In 2005 stats showed more than 230 million video games were sold and an unknown poll shows 40% of Americans play console or computer games

There have been recorded accounts of death related to days of video game play without sleep, food or breaks. There have been reported deaths of children resulting from parental neglect while the parents played video games and allowed the children to die from various causes including starvation, a set of twins drowned in a bath while the father was playing video games and ignored them among other issues.

Incidents of spouses cheating online and in addition meeting new “friends” online in which a spouse leaves the relationship for the new “friend” found online and much worse. Video game addiction is a serious issue and you can learn more including a section on real questions from real people in the real world having problems with addiction to video games and technology in addition to answers from professionals which may help others in similar situations.

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